9 reasons why you should ALWAYS go for SEO No Cure No Pay

Reason 1: Changes to Google algorithm are tracked

SEO no cure no pay is an evolving  marketing strategy. Google’s algorithm counts at least 200 factors that determine the ranking and is constantly changing. The algorithm has been largely influenced by Rankbrain since October 26, 2015. This artificial intelligence is the 3rd determining factor in the display of search results, next to content and references. In the last 5 years, Rankbrain’s share as a determining factor in searches has continued to increase, where this was initially a percentage of 15% at the start.

RankBrain will mainly take into account the visitor experience of users, such as the CTR (Click through ratio) or click-through rate, the bounce rate of the web page and the time that the visitor spends on a website when displaying the search results. The ultimate goal behind this learning process is to present visitors with better results, raising visitor satisfaction to a higher level.

As the best SEO agency in Europe with more than 12 years of experience, we follow all trends and absorb major updates to the algorithm. The highest quality content will always prevail and have a chance to rank at the top of Google.

SEO no cure no pay

Reason 2: SEO agencies that offer SEO no cure no pay can only lose

Building authority within Google is a lengthy process. Since 2008, this time span has only increased. The delivery of the desired results starts from the point of view in which long-term cooperation is central. Often several months have to be bridged before leads or conversions are obtained. With an SEO no cure no pay formula, only the SEO agency can lose.

Reason 3: Good SEO agencies can demonstrate with their performance that they are the best in their jargon

With 12 years of experience in the field of SEO, we have been able to realize successful websites and SEO campaigns for our regular customers for many years. Our performances speak for themselves. Our leading references will be more than happy to confirm these talents.

Reason 4: An SEO No Cure No Pay agency knows how to deal with your competition

Companies with a bit of online marketing know-how now know that SEO along with Google Ads are the main catalysts behind business success. It is therefore no longer surprising that there is also a lot of competition. That is why we always carry out thorough competition analyzes and investigate how and what can be improved where. We feel great in a competitive environment!

Reason 5: No Cure No Pay means to be highly findable for “relevant searches” and therefore search terms

Startups and growth companies come to us because they are looking for a partnership. The risk is divided between the entrepreneur and the SEO agency. We therefore ensure that companies high in the searches can be found for relevant searches that yield ROI.

Reason 6: The best SEO agencies accept all niches, however difficult and competitive they may be

Depending on the age of the website and composition of the heart of the digital marketing; the wesbite all niches are accepted. We rarely shy away from a challenge. If the structure of the wesbite is not suitable, we will first make the necessary changes and improvements.

Reason 7: The success of an SEO No Cure No Pay collaboration starts with web design

The key to online success? Web design in all its facets! Starting a business in today’s highly competitive world is not an easy task. Building a brand for your business is even more difficult. However, if you want your business to thrive and not just survive another day, branding is paramount. Needless to say, no entrepreneur starts a business venture just to stick there and just exist. Every entrepreneur craves success and wants to one day compete with the big players. A strong brand identity can help with that as it sets you apart from the crowd and gives you a significant advantage over your competitors. Premium web design is an essential part of branding.

A brand is not something that can be created overnight. There are many factors that go into building a great brand image, and it’s a complicated process that requires time, effort and careful planning. It goes beyond choosing a catchy name and designing an interesting logo. It’s about your story – your journey, your vision, the values ​​that define you and all the elements that come together to convey the message you want to send to the world and to define how the audience sees you. A solid online presence can support this endeavor. However, a website that looks like a million others isn’t going to do your branding efforts right. You must know the rules of good web design if you want to achieve the desired results. Brand building and web design are complementary, which is why you should brush up on your web design knowledge if you plan on building a memorable brand for your business.

Reason 8: A top SEO agency gives its clients real value for their money! No revenue model without leads, conversions or purchases!

SEO no Cure No Pay in 2020 is based on agreed leads, conversions, purchases or promotions. The focus here is on ROI. The more the company in question can grow, the greater the revenue model for us as an SEO agency, so we can benefit from attracting quality visitors. A real WIN_WIN for both parties. And there are very few SEO agencies. Many SEO companies work purely on the basis of hours worked and reporting. They only pride themselves on the number of top positions achieved in Google.

SEO no cure no pay goes much further at this SEO agency. We play in the SEO Champions League. Year after year, our customers expect the best of our ability to exceed the year before.

Reason 9: SEO no Cure No Pay is based on quality, not quantity

SEO No Cure no pay means that we take the risk for you. During the intro conversation, it is determined which conversions, leads, purchases or promotions you wish to generate with your website or webshop.
Our specialization is not only to get to the top of Google, but to implement the right actions, with an emphasis on quality over quantity!